Logo Design

Brand identity creation is, to me, one of the most interesting aspects of graphic design. It's so exciting to help someone who's enthused about what they do create an identity they love. Below is a collection of logos I've created for clients using Adobe Illustrator.


I created this logo for a candidate running for the Democratic Party's 2018 nomination for Pennsylvania's 54th state house district. The candidate secured the Democratic nomination and outperformed prior Democratic nominees in the general election.

I created this logo for the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh. Following the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, the Delta Foundation sought to host an event in Pittsburgh to show solidarity with Orlando's LGBT+ community.

I created this logo for a local landscape design business. The owner was inspired by water lilies.

I created this logo for my mother's baking business. I wanted to go with a playful design to reflect the personality of the business.

I created this logo for an online news publication. The grid design over a globe reflects the publication's interest in covering news anywhere, no matter how far "off the grid." I chose a serif font to tie the modern publication to the legacy of print journalism. Green was selected because of its visual appeal, and it's also the owner's favorite color.

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